Cheap and Affordable townhouse for sale, Alice Model @ Lancaster New City Imus Cavite

Lancaster New City, Imus-Gen. Trias Boundary, Cavite. Only 18 km. away or 25 minutes from Airport and Mall of Asia. Now with existing Bus Terminal inside the Village Imus , Cavite, Imus, Cavite 4103
Cheap and Affordable townhouse for sale, Alice Model @ Lancaster New City Imus Cavite
Project Details:
-Listing Price: 878,000.00-Listing Type: For Sale
-Bedrooms: 3-Bathrooms: 1
-Floor Area: 40-Financing: Bank, Inhouse
- Monthly DP:  7,402.00 - Monthly Amort.:  7,333.62
33% Discount on Reservation Fee November 1 up to November 15, 2013

TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE  Cavite  Alice House Model Lancaster  New City Rent to own. Located along advincula avenue, three bedrooms and 1 toilet and bath,Tiled Toilet and Bath with Complete Set of Bathroom fixtures (Including Tissue and Soap Holder).Provision for CATV, Telephone, and Air Condition Outlet.  Painted Plain Cement Finish for Interior Walls.  20 to 30 minutes from  NAIA via cavitex road.  Very affordable price easy to own.

Sample Computation – Bank Financing

Selling Price  : Php 878,000.00
Processing Fee  : 70,240.00
Total Contract Price  : Php 948,240.00
Required Downpayment  : 118,530.00
Reservation Fee  : 7,500.00
Monthly DP Payable in 15 months  : 111,030.00
Monthly Downpayment  : 7,402.00
Loanable Amount  : Php 829,710.00
05 years  : 17,217.12
10 years  : 10,460.26
15 years  : 8,322.73
20 years  : 7,333.62
Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Sample Computation – Inhouse –  Financing

Selling Price  : Php 878,000.00
Processing Fee  : 39,510.00
Total Contract Price  : Php 917,510.00
Required Downpayment  : 275,253.00
Reservation Fee  : 7,500.00
Monthly DP Payable in 24 months  : 267,753.00
Monthly Downpayment  : 11,156.38
Loanable Amount  : Php 642,257.00
05 years  : 16,306.91
10 years  : 12,838.72
Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Terms and Condition:
Reservation fee, downpayment and amortization are not refundable.

Alice Townhouse Features/ Finishes

  • 3 Bedrooms w/wall partition & ceiling
  • 1 Toilet and Bath with tiles & fixtures
  • Pre-painted G.I. sheet roofing; Steel casement window
  • Painted plain cement finish interior & exterior walls
  • Tiled kitchen counter with stainless kitchen sink
  • Plain cement finish flooring for 1st & 2nd floor
  • One (1) Car Garage, Cable & Internet, tel & aircon


Floor Plan


First Floor:

Living, Dining & Kitchen: 10.85 sqm.
Bedroom 1: 6.20 sqm.

Second Floor:

Bedroom 2 (Master’s): 7.05 sqm.
Bedroom 3: 6.30 sqm
Toilet and Bath: 2.45 sqm.


 (Click photo for view large)

Photos of As Delivered  & Dressed-up Unit




Cheap and Affordable townhouse for sale, Alice Model @ Lancaster New City Imus Cavite  

Note: Dressed-up model is for presentation purposes only.


Must be Filipino citizen.
If Buyer is a Filipino Immigrant, must have a Dual Citizenship.
Must be 18 yrs. – 50 yrs. Must not be more than 50 yrs. old.
Must be presently working.
No problem with marital status.
No pending legal cases.
No cancelled or unpaid or on amnesty credit cards. No unpaid loan account.

Buying Procedure
1. Visit the Site
You may call, text, email or chat with us for your viewing schedule. Suggestion is at least a day before the date. If you are not available or out of country, a trusted representative will do. Since there are only few units left with good location and reservation is on First-Come-Frist-Serve basis, we suggest you bring cash for reservation payment. For sure, unit with nicest location is no longer available on your next visit.
2. Choose the Best Location
Choose the Block and Lot base on our Sales Map. Request computation base on Bank & Inhouse Financing and review it. Ask your Agent to explain the mode of payment for the two financing scheme.
3. Reservation
After reviewing the computation, the chosen block & lot must be reserved by paying the corresponding reservation fee. Reservation payment will ensure the unit is yours and any price increase price will not affect your reserved unit. A counselling or briefing will follow after paying the reservation fee.
4. Profriends Form & Bank Forms
After reservation, Bank or InHouse froms or documents will be given for signature. These forms can be brought home and submit after one week. It’s a must that you read and understand clauses in the Contract to Sell and other forms. These documents must be submitted within 90 days. Delay in submission of all requirements may cause delay in house construction.
5. 1st Downpayment Due Date
Your first downpayment will start within 30-45 days from reservation date. Submit Promissory Letter thru email @ if you cannot pay on schedule to avoid cancellation of your reservation. Send us copy of your email for future reference. Next payment is your 2nd DP. Please check or refer to due dates schedule given during reservation.
6. Checking Account Opening
If you have no checking account, Profriends have accredited banks like BDO – Wilson St/Greenhills Branch & Planters Development Bank – Imus Branch. On our part, we can assist you with PS Bank – Niog Bacoor Branch & RCBC – Niog Bacoor Branch.
7. Where to get updates of your house?
Email Profirends’ Customer Service @ to get updates on:
Updates on Lacking docs or requirements
Request for Change of Due Date – Can only request once. Admin Fee: Php100.00
Request for Change of Unit or Ownership – must be done within 120 days from reservation date. Transfer Fee: Php3,000.00
Payment verification. Request for Payment Ledger
Lacking documents or requirements
Buyers may submit by scan email ID, cedula & passport.
Bank Loan application status
House Construction Status
House turn-over schedule or Move-in date
House Inspection Date or request a Certificate For Inspection (CFI)
Other matters that need clarification.

Unit ID – Always indicate your Unit ID (Block & Lot of your house) in all emails sent to Profriends.
Signatures – Only signature / emails of Buyers or their Atty-in-Fact (SPA) are allowed/accepted.
Approval – Request approval may take 2-4 weeks.
Send Us Copy – Please don’t forget to CC or send us copy of your email for future references.

Requirements For Bank
1. Pictures (H-W-AIF) 3 pcs. 1X1
2. Valid ID (H-W-AIF) – 2 kinds
3. Tax Account Number ( TIN )
4. Birth / Marriage Certificate/Cenomar
5. Cedula (H-W-AIF)
6. Proof of Billing
7. Income Tax Return (locally Employed)
8.Spa consularized if OFW

15 pcs. Downapyment (Per DP term)

Requirements for In-House
1. Pictures (H-W-AIF) 3 pcs. 1X1
2. Valid ID (H-W-AIF) – 2 kinds
3. Tax Account Number ( TIN )
4. Birth / Marriage Certificate/Cenomar
5. Cedula (H-W-AIF)
6. Certificate of Employment or Job Contract
7. Special Power of Attorney
( Not Consularized)

24 pcs. Downpayment (Per DP term)
36 pcs. Monthly Amortization.
1 pcs. Guaranteed Checks
9 pcs. Real Property Tax for 10 yrs. amortization term

Below picture of Lancaster New City Vicinity Map, Master Plan, Location and Ameneties

Lancaster Estates is the only housing development with affordable price that’s nearest to city of Manila 16.3 kilometers away from Airport. About 30 minutes drive.Lancaster New City is a 600 hectares housing development in Cavite. The property starts in Kawit then Imus ends in Gen. Trias , Cavite. Each village will have its own gate, security and perimeter fence. It’s now called a township because it has school, church, commercial area, wet market, bus terminal, gas station and complete amenities to serve the almost 30,000 houses once this whole hectares is developed and constructed.And Now the first IT park In Cavite THE SUNTECH iPARK

Lancaster Site plan                                                                     Lancaster Master Plan


Lancaster New City Vicinity Map                                      The Holy Family Church


Lancaster New Cavity Clubhouse                                         The saint Edward School


Lancaster New City Swimming Pool                                Lancaster New City Bus Stop


Lancaster Square                                                                         Lancaster Square mall


 (Click photo for view large)                                 Lancaster New City Newly Built Houses


SunTech iPark

Suntech iPark
Lancaster New City will offer 17,000 job opportunities for its residents with the introduction of the new Suntech iPark. The first in Cavite, Suntech iPark is a 25-hectare information technology(IT) park that will house business process outsourcing (BPO) buildings and will offer an efficient working environment for the modern day IT professionals.

About Suntech iPark

Suntech iPark is the first IT park in Cavite located inside Lancaster New City (formerly Lancaster Estates) in Barangay Alapan 2-A, Imus covering 25 hectare of prime property for BPO, Call Center Jobs, Commercial and Office Space Lease. The is the first industrial development project of Property Company of Friends, Inc. (ProFriends), the fastest growing real estate company in the country.

Suntech iPark will usher in the rapid growth of the IT-BPO industry in Cavite and nearby regions. The development will offer innovative and flexible options tailored to the operators’ capacity requirements.

Now in its initial phase of development, Lancaster new City will eventually grow into a full-fledged “new town,” similar to the ones developed in Singapore and Malaysia. Once completed, it will create a new lifestyle in the heart of the province. Just few minutes away from Manila via Cavitex, it will be the most accessible new town from Manila, and the first development of its kind in Cavite.


Through Coastal Road passing through Evangelista.Tirong Highway,Cepza Road And Advincula Avenue
Via Aguinaldo Highway,Passing through Patindig Araw and Bucandala Road And from Sm bacoor passing through Tirona Highway Cepza Road and And Advincula Avenue.

Through Coastal Road Passing through Cavitex,Cepza Road and Advincula Avenue
Actual Turn Over House Of Catherine House Model
Below are photos of a Catherine Turn-over or as delivered unit without furnishing and improvement. All expenses for dressing-up and furnishing the unit will be paid for by Buyers. Improvement can only be done after house is delivered or


Reservation is Php 7,500.00 for Alice @Lancaster Estates , Philippines. It is not refundable and not transferable in case you decide to cancel the unit. But it is part of the downpayment. Only Cash, Personal check, Company Check, Cashier’s check or Manager’s check are accepted as reservation fee. Credit cards are not accepted.

Prices of units located at the end part of the village is cheaper than those located nearer the entrance. Units facing east are also a little higher than units facing west, north or south. Corner and end lots are also higher because it has bigger lot area. Another reason is perhaps the advertisement you are seeing now is an old post or price and Agent has not edited it yet.
Processing fees also affect house prices. Inhouse processing fees is only 4.5% base on Selling price because Title transfer is NOT included while processing fees for Bank is 8% of Sellling price because Title transfer is already included in he package

Monthly Downpayment
First downpayment starts 30-45 days after reservation is paid. Hindi po sabay ang pagbabayad ng reservation at first downpayment. Downpayments are not refundable if Buyer cancels the account, but is transferable to another person or unit provided under same agent and developer. All downpayments made will be duly credited (penalties and interest incurred will be deducted) in the new owner/choosen unit. No penalty or deductions on payment if account is updated at nasa downpayment period pa. Just pay transfer fee of Php 3,000.00 upon approval which may takes 2-3 weeks.
Monthly amortization
For Bank- Financing, amortization will start on 16th month
For Inhouse Financing, amortization will start on the 25th month. Hindi po magsasabay ang monthly downpayment at monthly amortization. You can still transfer payments to another unit or person provided your account is updated and you’re in INHOUSE financing scheme. If account is not updated, penalties, interest & commision released to agent will be deducted. There’s a transfer fee of Php3,000.00 upon approval which may take 2-3 weeks.
Other Hidden Charges?
There is NO HIDDEN charges. Water and Meralco connection will be applied personally or thru representative after house is turned-over and accepted.
Estimated cost for water connection is Php3,800.00 (deposit & meter). Timetable is 1-2 weeks from application date. Cost may vary depending on choosen project.
Estimated cost for electrical connection is Php2,700.00 (deposit & meter). Timetable is 3-4 weeks from application date. Cost may vary depending on choosen project.
C.Construction Bond
Is required by PROFRIENDS only if you construct improvement or renovate (tiles/fence/balcony). Estimated amount is Php 5,500 – 10,500.00 depending on housing project choosen. The Bond will pay for any damages (should there be any) during construction/improvement period. Bond will be refunded if there is no damage done during construction.
D.Pre-Termination Fee
Profriends charge pretermination fee of only 40% of the required 14% if you decides to loan the balance or loanable amount of Inhouse financing to Pagibig or Bank of your choice. You will apply personally or thru SPA the loan with PAGIBIG Office in Makati with our assistance. Profriends will not handle processing of your loan. During this process, you will be paying downpayment and amortization base on INHOUSE computation.

House Construction
Starts on the last 3 months of downpayment period. by full downpayment, house is more than half finish and ready for turn-over in 9 months

When can Buyer Move-in to the house?
A. For Bank Financing:
Estimate on the 24th month loan has been approved by the Bank. Must submit all required

B. For Inhouse Financing:
Estimated on the 27th month of the month.. Full submission of requirements (documents & postdated checks).
C. For Spot Cash payment of downpayment (Of RFO Units): After full payment of downpayment estimated time 3-6 months.

House Improvement
Developer accepts deletion only (for Inhouse financing only) of tiles in bathroom & kitchen countertop. Deletion charge is Php1,000.00. Letter of request must be sent before house construction starts. Approval of request may takes 2-3 weeks. You are allowed get outside contractor to do the improvement of your unit after house is turned-over.. NO deletion is allowed for Bank Financing.

Profriends will not allow you to inspect the house, move-in or transfer unless All Required Documents and Post Dated Checks are fully submitted


“Mga Kababayan ko, Sa mga OFW . Ako po ang magsisilbing  gabay at kaagapay nyo, Sa mga pinapangarap na Tahanan at mimimithi nyo. Kaya mga kabayan..Halina po kayo, USAP TAYO.


Property Consultant – Ms. Marie gerlie de leon
Company/Developer – Property Company of Friends Inc.
ID Control # – 15554
Smart Cell – +63-908-895-1202
Sun Cell – +63-932-865-2451
Viber – +63-932-865-2451
Land Line – 046-4021-322

Website –

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Map and Directions

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